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PTS Practical Event

Duration: 1 Day

Max Delegates: 6


Upon successful completion of this course, competencies will be uploaded to Sentinel. Sentinel smart cards are ordered directly from Sentinel at www.railsentinel.co.uk

Pre-Requisite Requirements

Candidates Must have successfully completed the PTS E-learning Assessment prior to attendance and must bring the completed certificate to the course.

Sponsor must have created a Sentinel profile for the candidate and uploaded a current photograph before course commencement. A valid medical and D&A must also be uploaded prior to course commencement.

Must be a minimum age of 16

Meet the medical requirements of Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124 Competence Specific Fitness Medical Requirements to minimum medical level 4 and Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/0120 (Drugs & Alcohol).  Please be advised that a drugs & alcohol test must have been carried out no more than 3 months prior to attending a PTS Initial training event.

Must have sufficient command of English language as detailed in Network Rail Company Specification NR/L2/CTM/021 (Competence & Training in Track Safety).  

Please advise of any special needs i.e. dyslexia in advance of the course.

Must Bring Photo ID - For British Nationals, one of the following (original hard copy - not electronically): a current and valid branded form of identity token, used for accessing the RMI (Railway Maintained Infrastructure) such as a Sentinel Card; in-date and valid full driving licence; in-date and valid UK Provisional Photo Card Driving Licence; in-date and valid passport, a UK biometric ID Card/Residence Permit (BRP), an Armed Forces Identity Card, a proof of age card recognised under PASS with a unique reference number (this includes the Citizen ID Card), N.I. Electoral Identity Card or a resident permit as per Home Office guidance.

Non-British Nationals - an in-date and valid passport, Identity Card or Driving Licence from an EU or European Economic Area (EEA) country or a US Passport Card is required (original hard copy - not electronically).

Must bring full PPE High Visibility clothing to RIS-3279-TOM standard (upper and lower body), Blue hard hat, Safety boots with full ankle/mid-sole protection/steel cap toes, gloves and safety glasses

Further information

Where an individual has successfully completed PTS initial training they shall undergo a period of learning support (green square) in the workplace. The employer is responsible for and shall appoint a competent person who shall give guidance to the individual and monitor their progress during the period of learning support. When the employer is satisfied that the individual no longer requires learning support they shall complete a sponsors confirmation of competence. Learning support shall not exceed 24 months. Where the candidate is unable to fully meet the criteria of competence within the 24 month period they shall be required to attend initial training. The employer shall be able to provide records of workplace experience the individual has completed during the learning support period.

Please be aware that candidates will be treated on a training event as if they are at work and they must comply with the relevant medical policy and bring their Sentinel Smartcard (if applicable) which will be swiped at the start of the course.











The PTS course is comprised of two components.  There is an e-learning training package followed by a practical training day.  Successful completion of the e-learning assessment is required prior to attendance on this practical training day.

The aim of this practical course is to instruct delegates on correctly determining their responsibilities and duties when working on or near the line.

Candidates must have successfully completed the PTS E-learning Assessment prior to attendance of the PTS Practical and must bring the completed certificate to the course.

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