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Network Rail Safety Bulletin: Trapped Fingers
A serious incident has taken place

Colleague traps fingers in points

Issued to: All Network Rail line managers and Achilles registered contractors

Ref: NRB 15/15

Date of issue: 27/10/2015

Location: Didcot

Contact: Matt Lane, Route Workforce HSE Adviser


On 11 October 2015 at around 09:00 a S&T work group had just finished working on '8535a' points at Didcot. They had handed the points back to the signaller's control. The COSS was on the phone to the signaller to request that the points were moved to check that everything was working correctly. As the signaller moved the points it became clear that a member of the workgroup had trapped his fingers in the points. Fortunately he did not sustain serious injuries and he was able to return to work the following day.

Discussion Points

  • While we are investigating the causes of this incident please discuss the following with your teams:
  • What are the potential consequences of trapping hands and feet in moving points?
  • What tasks do you perform where body parts or clothing could become trapped in moving points?
  • Are there circumstances that would prevent you from contacting the signaller first to obtain manual control of the points?
  • Where this is not possible how can you best gain assurance that the points will be maintained in the required position, with a reminder appliance applied for the duration of the work?
  • Is there anything that prevents you from scotching the open end of the points before starting work?
  • When points need to be tested following repair works how should the COSS or SWL ensure everyone is clear of all moving parts before the signaller is requested to move them?

Copies of Safety Bulletins are available on Safety Central.

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What do our trainees think

OLEC 2, Doncaster

Very well constructed and delivered, outstanding performance on the trainer's part, both in the classroom and out on the track. I would recommend Archie McNeill to anyone who wishes to learn about overheads - a terrific experience.

Zain Ahmad, Coyle
DCCR Initial, Crayford

Lee had an excellent practical and pragmatic approach towards training. I found him to be very knowledgeable, but more importantly he has fantastic knowledge transfer skills.

Umair Khan, Siemens Rail Automation
COSS Initial, Doncaster

I enjoyed the course, it was delivered to a high standard. Kev is an excellent trainer, he is informative and has a great sense of humour. His method of teaching was simplified and thorough - Great!

Thomas Smith, Amey Group Services Ltd
COSS Initial, Warrington

Very well run course, professionally presented. Good reminder of duties and responsibilities.

Mark Harris, ABC Electrification
COSS Initial, Enfield

Vic was a fantastic trainer, his knowledge of the industry is vast and his delivery was second to none. A great course and trainer - thanks!

Douglas Aitken, Balfour Beatty Rail Limited