City & Guilds Bursary Training Birmingham

Duration: 7 weeks



Level 2 C&G NVQ Diploma in Railway Engineering Track Maintenance


  • Personal Track Safety
  • DCCR 
  • Track Induction
  • Small Plant

Pre-Requisite Requirements

  • Aged 18  years or older
  • Been a UK resident for the past 3 years or at least living in the EU for the past 3 years
  • Must Pass a Network Rail Drugs, Alchol and medical test.
  • Must be unemployed 
  • Reside in the Birmingham area




This program aims to engage the local unemployed people of Birmingham. The programme will provide the sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding that they will need to prepare for employment or further education in the rail industry sector. 

We offer a range of qualifications taking a blended approach to learning, you will be taught by rail engineering professionals who were or are still operational in the area of rail expertise. There will be a combination of classroom, remote (at home) and practical sessions carried out at our excellent facilities.

All successful bursary recipients will receive a guaranteed job interview on completion of the programme. Employers including ISS Labour, McGinley and Coyle Rail are all involved with the scheme and are offering job opportunities.

What qualifications will the learner receive?

 Level 2 C&G NVQ Diploma in Railway Engineering Track Maintenance; this will provide the learner with the understanding of track layout, operational procedures whilst working on the track, H&S aspects of the rail industry, manual handling techniques, how to carry out a track inspection and how to maintain the track itself.

Personal Track Safety (PTS); this qualification is mandatory in the rail sector and allows the holder to gain access as well as work on the railway. This qualification is made up of e-learning, classroom participation and practical elements.

DC Conductor Rails (DCCR); Any person going to walk or work “On or Near the Line” near to or adjacent DC Conductor Rails must be competent to look after their own safety in relation to 3rd and 4th rail areas. Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates will have the skills and knowledge and understand the behaviours required to work safely near or adjacent to DC conductor rails.

They will be able to describe the principles of the DC electrified system, identify the main components of the DC system and the hazards and risks associated with working DC conductor rail areas.

Track Induction (TIC); To provide the basic underpinning knowledge of permanent way construction, components and working methods associated with maintenance, renewal, repair, adjustment and dismantling of permanent way assets. This course teaches the candidates how to use the tools and carry out the jobs for repair, renewals or maintenance of the railway.

Rail Track Practical Experience: The learners will gain practical skills and experience using variety of methods to maintain the railway infrastructure.

To apply or for more information, please complete the enquiry form below. 

What do our trainees think

OLEC 2, Doncaster

Very well constructed and delivered, outstanding performance on the trainer's part, both in the classroom and out on the track. I would recommend Archie McNeill to anyone who wishes to learn about overheads - a terrific experience.

Zain Ahmad, Coyle
DCCR Initial, Crayford

Lee had an excellent practical and pragmatic approach towards training. I found him to be very knowledgeable, but more importantly he has fantastic knowledge transfer skills.

Umair Khan, Siemens Rail Automation
COSS Initial, Doncaster

I enjoyed the course, it was delivered to a high standard. Kev is an excellent trainer, he is informative and has a great sense of humour. His method of teaching was simplified and thorough - Great!

Thomas Smith, Amey Group Services Ltd
COSS Initial, Warrington

Very well run course, professionally presented. Good reminder of duties and responsibilities.

Mark Harris, ABC Electrification
COSS Initial, Enfield

Vic was a fantastic trainer, his knowledge of the industry is vast and his delivery was second to none. A great course and trainer - thanks!

Douglas Aitken, Balfour Beatty Rail Limited