Duration: 1 Day

Max Delegates: 9

Pre-Requisite Requirements


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand stress and how it manifests itself in order to reduce stress levels
  • Appreciate yours and others behaviour style in order to communicate effectively
  • Be assertive in stressful situations
  • Understand and deal with conflict situations in an appropriate manner
  • Make yourself more resilient to stress day to day

This one day course will be a combination of formal content, experiential workshop activities and exercises. A workbook will be used in the sessions and it will include helpful aids and tools to be used in the workplace and for future reference.

Please advise of any special needs i.e. dyslexia.



Most jobs will have some pressure and this is what challenges us and gives us the stimulation to achieve job satisfaction. This sort of pressure is healthy and helps us do a better job. If this pressure is excessive and we feel inadequate or unable to cope, then this is stress. This course enables delegates to understand the processes which will make them more effective and increase their confidence and sense of achievement.

Stress is one of those manifestations of modern working life that needs to be recognised early and not allowed to develop into physiological symptoms. This course will not only explain what stress is and how it affects our body, but it will also give the triggers that we can identify and respond to early enough to stop the behaviour becoming embedded.

This is for anyone who finds the stresses and strains of modern life beginning to dilute the quality of their own life and relationships. It is for those people who feel they have disconnected with society, their workplace and perhaps even the family.

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