Duration: 1 Day

Max Delegates: 12

Pre-Requisite Requirements

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of the project process.
  • Control projects in a systematic way effectively.
  • Manage people, groups, resources and interests involved in the project.
  • Establish benchmarks, evaluate progress and incorporate feedback.

This one-day course will be delivered in a combination of small segments, which are illustrated by challenging projects and exercises for individuals and groups, supported by a plenary review. Each programme comes with a range of supporting material to use for explanation and use in the future.

Please advise of any learning difficulties.


Everyone is involved in some sort of a project these days and this course gives you all of the tools you need to deliver a project plan that will get you to your end goal on time. It will go through the project management process looking at the people and processes involved in a step-by-step way that makes it easy to understand and apply.

If participants have an ongoing project plan they wish to bring to the session this can be discussed and help given with its ongoing development

Participants can be anyone who is planning to be all currently is involved in some sort of small to medium-size project. Whilst it does not specifically use project management software it will be referred to during the course and tools discussed linked to it.

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