Critical Rail Temperature (CRT)

Duration: 2 Days

Max Delegates: 8


Upon successful completion, an in house certificate will be produced and sent to your primary sponsor.

Pre-Requisite Requirements

There are no particular educational or competence pre-requisites for the course.


Course Aims

The course is intended to provide the delegate with a clear understanding of the management of sites that have a risk of track buckles i.e. CWR sites with a low or unknown Stress Free Temperature (SFT). Suitable for CRT Co-ordinators, Senior Technicians as well as Supervisors, Maintenance Managers, Renewals Engineers, Project Managers and Site Supervisors.
Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the delegates will:

Have an appreciation of temperature induced forces in the rail in CWR.
Have a clear understanding of the importance of knowing the Stress Free Temperature (SFT)
Be aware of the Network Rail standards and requirements to manage high risk sites
Be able to set up procedures to record SFT by mileage, line and rail and thus identify risk sites
Be able to set up a geographical rail temperature monitoring procedure with reporting to identify when criticality has been reached
Be able to calculate the three CRT values that will provide “action triggers” for an “at risk” site
Know when to deploy resources to monitor individual sites
Be aware of the need to reduce speed or block the line and have the necessary equipment available
Be able to plan the necessary stressing of the at risk sites in the given priority

Course Duration

2 days, including stressing of CWR appreciation

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